Spooky black mist haunts teenagers in the trailer for horror ‘The Culling’


There’s a new horror film headed to the UK on DVD called The Culling, and the first trailer has just been unleashed. The film comes from actor turned director Rustam Branaman, and the trailer does exactly what you’d expect a straight to DVD horror feature to do, and it looks like a lot of fun.

The film see’s a group of teens fighting off dark forces in a remote house, so it sounds like its all been done before, but I am sure die hard horror fans will find plenty to get excited about in the trailer below.

Written and directed by Rustam Branaman, The Culling stars Elizabeth Di Prinzio (The Devil Within), Jeremy Sumpter (“Friday Night Lights”), Brett Davern (“Awkward”), Chris Coy, (Hostel: Part III) and Linsey Godfrey.

The Culling arrives on DVD here in the UK on 23rd March 2015.

Synopsis (from Amazon):

From the Executive Producer of Black Swan and Machete! comes this terrifying supernatural thriller starring Jeremy Sumpter (PETER PAN) in which a group of friends find themselves fighting off dark and vicious forces… When a group of college friends head out of town for a fun-filled long weekend, their plans change after finding a 7-year-old girl alone at an empty cafe along the highway and have no choice but to drive her home. When they arrive at her house it’s quickly apparent they will have to stay the night – but what’s not apparent is the living nightmare that they’re about to encounter.




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