Trailer for Peruvian found footage horror ‘La Entidad’ brings gore, ghosts and screaming


Twitch have discovered a trailer for an upcoming Peruvian found footage shocker called La Entidad, and you’ll find the trailer and the films synopsis below.

The trailer does not contain subtitles, but really you don’t have to speak the same language to understand what a scream is, and scream they do in this trailer. There is a rather large amount of gore and violence too, with some impressive editing and quick shots of the horrors that await. There are clearly heavy religious themes going on here too, and what appears to be the main Demon looks deliciously creepy.

Yes it looks like every other Paranormal investigation found footage horror, but it kinda looks pretty decent too.

Eduardo Schuldt (Freedom Force) directs. There are no UK dates for the film yet, but it opens in Peru in January.


“Four film students working on a documentary about Internet discover that all their subjects are deceased; their investigation takes them into the depths of the so-called ‘Deep Web’ (a non-indexed part of cyberspace housing illegal material), where a supernatural curse is unleashed upon them.”


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