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For a brief moment in history, the world stood still. All eyes and minds focused on the skies and the colossal, unidentified object that was discovered on a collision course with Earth.

Now, shrouded in mystery, the vast alien spacecraft looms ominously in sight above Northern Europe bringing with it an uncertain future. Amidst the chaos of the ensuing global catastrophe one young couple, searching for their infant daughter, their lost relationship and the hope of salvation embark on a perilous journey across a beautiful but treacherous landscape.

They are driven on by hope, confronting their own demons while forced to survive in a world that stands on the brink of collapse.

Beyond is coming to DVD on 12th January and is available to download now, and we have a copy to give away for one lucky winner.

For your chance to win BEYOND on DVD, simply comment below telling us what one thing you’d show aliens to define what Earth is.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Sunday 18th January 2015 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 1 winner will win 1x Beyond DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. I would show the Aliens McDonalds and explain this is a reason for our obesity, lack of cooking skills and of course desire of capitalism to transcend national sovereignty. So in short, show the aliens they must make money!!

  2. The peace, love and goodwill to all people during the festive season – exemplified by the behaviour of shoppers during the Black Friday sales.

  3. A family at christmas enjoying food, telling jokes, watching cheesy movies. The simple things that make humans happy. Wonder if Aliens like sprouts?

  4. Capitalism as a system an imbalance of wealth and poverty that creates an imbalance in the worlds economies causing misery the world over.

  5. I’d smuggle them in to the 2015 Bilderberg meeting – the annual private conference of approximately 120–150 political leaders and so-called experts from industry, finance, academia and the media – where the lives of the 7 billion inhabitants of this small planet are mapped out without their say so.

  6. The diversity of wildlife, including photo’s, drawing, pictures of all the species killed off by the greed of human kind, the damage to the seas and environment by the oil companies, the destruction of other human beings for an archaic belief in one mythical God or another.

  7. i’d sit them down and make them watch the princess bride. everything you need to know about humanity, good and bad, is in there. there would be tears, laughter, they’d be quoting the film to each other…it would be good times.

  8. The rain forests and then tell them about how we are still destroying them despite knowing how vital they are to life on earth. Once they know we are lilkely to destroy ourselves before we can ever become a threat to them they won’t need to fear us.

  9. Take them online, so they can see all of earths and human history . As well as humanity at its best and worst. Then id show them the star wars saga as its great and they probably wont have seen it!

  10. The countryside, a city and the seven wonders if the world! (Maybe they could confirm whether they were involved in the pyramids!?

  11. I would take them to Stonehenge to illustrate our amazing history and also people watching in a city, no better way to get an understanding of people than to watch them.

  12. The PS4 brought me so much enjoyment and enjoyment is a thing that defines us even though some dont enjoy life, and being agoraphobic i dont get out so that is the only thing i really could show them.

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