Here’s the latest ‘Friday the 13th’ update, but don’t get too excited


There is really hardly anything here, but fans are desperate to know what the hell is going on with the latest Friday the 13th movie, and producer Andrew Form has revealed a small update to Collider.

He reveals that the film is currently being written, which hints that it is very unlikely it will make its Friday the 13th November 2015 release date. He also confirms that Jason Vorhees WILL be in the film, something that was rumoured to not be happening about a year ago.

Here is what Form said when asked to provide an update:

Just working on the script still. Hoping to make that movie this year and Brad (Fuller, producer), I’m gonna confirm that Jason is in the movie.

Great, so thanks for that!

We also learned a few months back that Jason’s Mother may be appearing in the new film, as producer Brad Fuller revealed to The Omelette:

Sex, Drugs, always beautiful people dying, these things do not change. And we can develop more problematic relationship [Jason] with the mother,”

He also confirmed that the film would definitely be R-rated:

“There is no PG-13 version in the world of Jason Vorhees,” he exclaimed, confirming they are aiming for that all important R-rating. Result!

There will surely be plenty more pointless updates as this film SLOWLY develops.


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