LATEST TV: First 24, Then X Files…and now rumours of all new Prison Break……..

I do not remember any other time since the creation of HCF, that there has been so many head scratching TV News in one day.   If you can’t get you head around the story of a 24 series without our Jack, or a brand new X Files case may be opening.  Rumours are circling that FOX are considering bringing back……..Prison Break!

While the first season was and still is one of the best TV Programmes of all time, even die hard fans will be honest and say that the show dipped badly during the rest of its run.  Anyone who has seen the entire show will know why it would be also be kinda hard to bring some old characters back, but that stumbling block has not stopped the head wigs at FOX to discuss an all new season,

At a local Press conference FOX’s Gary Newman admitted he would bring back the show in a heartbeat.

“There is some speculation in the press about Prison Break, which honestly was slightly news to us,” Newman told reporters.

“It’s probably the perfect event series. If our old partners in that show are interested, that would be great.”

Recently, old stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell admitted they would like to see old show return, so does this mean that the gates have been opened for a revival?

After the success of 24: Live Another Day, anything is possible, but they have to come up with something pretty damn special to explain “That Ending!” and also why the heck would the brothers need to escape from yet another Prison….

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