Post-War Drama SILENT DUST To Be Release on DVD in UK by Network Distributing


Powerfully emotional post-war drama from acclaimed British director Lance Comfort (Temptation Harbor, Be My Guest), Silent Dust (PG) is out on DVD on 16th February 2015, RRP £9.99, courtesy of Network’s ‘The British Film’ collection.

With commanding performances from Sally Gray (Obsession), Stephen Murray (A Tale of Two Cities), Nigel Patrick (The Sound Barrier) and Seymour Hicks (A Christmas Carol), among others, Silent Dust also features an excellent score by leading French composer George Auric.

Sir Robert Rawley is a self-made man in the most successful sense. The spur for his ambition had always been his son, Simon, but since Simon’s death under fire his love has grown into an obsession. All is not as it seems, however – Simon deserted his post and faked his own death, and is now on the hunt for money.

Special features:
• Original theatrical trailer
• Instant play facility

Released in 1949, Silent Dust is presented here in a brand-new digital transfer; in it’s as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio.

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