Rose McGowan will make directorial debut with psychological thriller ‘The Pines’


Rose McGowan is a favourite among horror and cult fans, appearing in films like Planet Terror, Machete, Death Proof, Phantoms and Rosewood Lane.

Now the actress has set her sights on directing, and coming out of Sundance her first directing job has been announced.

Per Variety:

Rose McGowan has signed on to make her feature directorial debut with the psychological thriller “The Pines,” with shooting set for fall in upstate New York.

Sundial Pictures and Tangerine Entertainment are producing.

McGowan will direct from a script by Alex Mar, in which a troubled young woman’s dreams of stability are threatened by a family of healers who could help save her mind, or lose it completely.

Sundial principals are Morgan White, Joey Carey, and Stefan Nowicki. Tangerine Entertainment, founded by Amy Hobby and Anne Hubbell, is a production company for films by women directors.

The deal was announced Thursday on the opening day of the Sundance Film Festival. McGowan’s short film “Dawn” premiered last year in competition at Sundance.

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