Sadly Gareth Evans confirms that ‘The Raid 3’ is not arriving anytime soon


It’s been almost a year since anything was mentioned on The Raid 3, and it was back in March last year that director Gareth Evans told Variety that The Raid 3 was years away.

Evans, who masterfully directed The Raid and The Raid 2, revealed that his production team were keen to begin working on The Raid 3 ASAP, but Evans wanted to wait a while. He did reveal an idea he had for the third film:

They’re going to have to wait a while. I don’t want to do it for three years, maybe. I do have a concept in mind,” he said. “If this one is two hours after ‘The Raid’ finished, ‘Raid 3? starts three hours before ‘The Raid 2? finishes. So you go back in time a little and then branch off for a different story.”

With The Raid 2 now legendary, and topping many best of lists for 2014 while continuing to receive rave reviews, you would wish that Evans had changed his plans and might want to make the third film sooner rather than later after all.

Sadly that is not to be the cast, and the highly skilled director took to Twitter to confirm what we already knew. In response to a fan question about when we might get The Raid 3, Evans responded with the following, heartbreaking statement:

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