Sinister first poster for Red, White & Blue director’s ‘The Last Word’ starring Erin Cummings


Anyone who has seen the tour de force that is Red, White and Blue will surely agree that director Simon Rumley has some serious talent, and he is set to return with a Devilish new horror called The Last Word.

Rumley is no stranger to horror, already giving us the ABCs of Death segment P Is For Pleasure, plus Little Deaths segment Bitch. The story surrounding The Last Word, which stars Bitch Slap’s Erin Cummings (above) sounds really creepy, and perfect for a horror film.

The first poster has just been released, check it out below.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Mike Doyle also star.

Based on true events, The Last Word centers on the strange and tragic aftermath endured by the participants in the trial of a young man in Texas who was wrongly convicted and executed for the rape and murder of a nun.” In the Ben Ketai-written movie, “a convicted man is executed for his crimes, but not before cursing those who sent him to his death. Soon enough, the people involved in the case, from witnesses to jurors, begin dying. When one juror’s son’s life in threatened, the man sets out to prove that the wrong person was convicted and reverse the curse.



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