Thriller ‘Into the Deep’ will head into Shark infested waters


Here at HCF we do love a good Shark movie, and while we thoroughly enjoy the low budget Sharknado’s and Two Headed Shark Attacks, we often crave a serious, intense Shark feature to remind us exactly why these films can be so terrifying.

Bloody Disgusting got the first word on a new shark film which sounds very much like a cross between Open Water and The Reef, two of my most favourite Shark films of recent years.

Odin Eye Entertainment will be selling Into the Deep at the European Film Market shortly, and in anticipation of heavy interest, the first ever image has been released, and you will find the rather chilling image above.

Gerald Rascionato both writes and directs, with Stephen Lister co-writing. The cast includes Megan Peta Hill, Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff, and Pete Valley.


Three American college students head Down Under to capture great white sharks on film. But when a freak wave capsizes their boat mid cage dive, they are left fighting for and against each other in the world’s most dangerous shark-infested waters.

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