TV: Fox announce return of ‘The X-Files’?


During Fox’s Winter 2015 presentation at the Television Critics Association there were a lot of announcements, and possible updates on returning shows. One of those (possibly) returning shows was The X-Files.

Judging by the immense popularity of 24’s return as a mini series last year, Fox TV Group Chairman Gary Newman revealed there are currently talks in place to bring back The X-Files, the groundbreaking, superb sci-fi horror show that was huge in the 90’s.

Newman said talks are being held, but could not promise anything just yet, but the fact that Fox are talking about it is very encouraging.

Fellow Chairman Dana Walden added some reality to Newman’s tease, telling reporters that while there are plans to being the show back, the big problem is exactly when it could happen.

Walden stated that the X-Files is currently in the logistics stage, and they are working on when they can get series creator Chris Carter, and stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny back together. Anderson alone is currently heavily involved in Hannibal Series 3, so don’t expect the X-Files to return anytime soon.

However, the truth is out there, and it sounds like the show will definitely be returning in the future. Hooray for that!

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