Uncut ‘Evil Dead’ reboot aired in the UK revealed these never before seen scenes



Channel 4 here in the UK recently aired Fede Alvarez’ excellent Evil Dead reboot, but it seems that the version shown was not the same version as was seen in cinemas. It was not even the same version that has been released on DVD & Blu-ray, this was a totally uncut version, boasting a number of new scenes and a different ending.

IMDB user NoCandyForDandy stumbled upon the changes, and has kindly listed them, and you can view his list below.

Natalie says “Give me back my hand” when she gets possessed. (Nod to Evil Dead 2)

Mia sings “We’re gonna get you” in the cellar (which is the infamous scene in the trailers)

After Natalie dies, David tells Eric he has to get rid of the bodies so he burns Olivia’s body and cuts Natalie’s body with a chainsaw.

A clip of Eric coming into the room and drinking rainwater that’s in a plastic container catching dripping water.

There are shots of Eric burning in flames when the cabin is on fire. He says “Join us…”

There is a shot of David burning and he then opens his eyes, clearly possessed.

The final scene is Mia walking on the road. A truck driver in an S-Mart van drives and sees her.

In case you were wondering just what these scenes looked like, some have been uploaded to Youtube, and you can view them below.


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