WATCH: Sergio Morcillo Unleashes His Short Horror TUS GRITOS ME DAN RISA (Your Screams Make Me Laugh)


Sergio Morcillo has unleashed his short horror movie TUS GRITOS ME DAN RISA (Your Screams Make Me Laugh) on YouTube for free.

After a long journey through over 50 festivals worldwide, among which premiered at the Sitges Film Festival and an official selection in Nocturna Fest, and 6 national and international awards, comes this short film which has made even more people afraid of clowns.

Directed by Sergio Morcillo, written by Pablo Rodríguez and produced by Terror Club, this nightmare transports us to the eve of 1996, where a middle class celebrated the night in the townhouse. The night progresses as normal as you would expect, but the visit from a horrible deformed clown to the home will unleash a living nightmare.

In this terrifying adventure, the Spanish director wanted to convey that nostalgic feel of the productions of the 80’s and deepen a fear that many people have: the phobia of clowns. The purpose of the team is to take you to a macabre tale in 15 minutes, where, blood, horror and anxiety, is a protagonist in the story. Movies like “Clownhouse”, “Demons” or “Evil Dead” are the films that have most been present at the time of realization.

Afraid of clowns? Discover yourselves …

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