Big names in horror pray for help in first teaser for supernatural thriller ‘The Church’


Not to be confused with Michele Soavi’s masterful Dario Argento produced horror, The Church, there is now a new supernatural tale on the way based around God’s home.

Directed by Dom Franklin and featuring a cast of horror greats, the first teaser trailer for The Church has just been released, and you will find it after the below essential details.

It is also worth noting that a sequel, The Church: Second Offering, is already in development.

The Press Release:

Hard Floor Entertainment has released the first teaser for the Dom Frank written and directed supernatural thriller THE CHURCH. The movie stars horror icon Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 & 3 , The Devil’s Rejects), Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5), Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede, Julia), Keith Stallworth (Step Up 3D), Clint Howard (Halloween, Cinderella Man), and former WWE superstar Vito Lograsso.

The multi-layered story of THE CHURCH revolves around a church that is being targeted as the location for a new high-rise complex by a local developer played by rising star Matthew Nadu (Nobody Gets Out Alive). After an ill gotten vote to sell the church, the board and the development team’s impending deal is bought to a halt when a series of unexplained events occur and the consequences of their sins begin to manifest in front of their eyes and… ALL. HELL. BREAKS. LOOSE… INSIDE THE CHURCH!




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