Spider-Man latest: Sony moving ahead with spin-offs, while Marvel seek a younger Spider-Man


Earlier this week it was announced that Sony had made a deal with Marvel for Spider-Man to cross over to the MCU. It has been reported that Spider-Man will first appear in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, before getting his own Kevin Feige produced Marvel stand-alone film.

Feige will co-produce a new Spider-Man film for Marvel, which will arrive in 2017.

Sony made the deal, but what about their planned Venom and Sinister Six movies?

Variety confirms that Sony are still moving ahead with their planned Venom ad Sinister Six movies, but the report does not confirm if either Drew Goddard (set to direct Sinister Six) or Alex Kurtzman (set to direct Venom) will still be onboard.

What Variety do confirm is that The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has been cancelled altogether at Sony.

What Variety has also confirmed is that the new Spider-Man movie at Marvel will predominantly focus on Peter Parker at High School.

Sam Raimi’s films briefly touched on Parker’s high school shenanigans, while Andrew Webb’s films spent a lot of time at high school. Marvel’s new Spider-Man films will be spending a lot more time with Parker at high-school.

Sony hopes to spend more time in the high school setting than the previous Spider-Man movies and “explore his awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom.”

THR reports that Sony has final approval over casting (in keeping with the “creative control” clause), and that the studio is currently looking for an actor “much younger” than the 31-year-old Andrew Garfield, who unfortunately will not be returning. Secondly, the report confirms that director Marc Webb—who helmed the two Amazing reboots—is also not returning.

THR notes that producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, the “gatekeepers” of the Spider-Man franchise for years, have been downgraded to executive producers and will have “no real say” in the creative direction of this new franchise.

Variety is also the first to start reporting names in contention to fill the role, adding that Logan Lerman (Fury) and Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner) have been mentioned as being under consideration. But Sony has yet to approach anyone about the role, and the studio wants to find a new director to take the helm of the 2017 film before hiring an actor.

As always, we will keep you posted on further updates on the new Spider-Man series.

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