Steven Spielbeg wants to direct Chris Pratt in the Indiana Jones reboot


Chris Pratt has become everybody’s favourite star after his hilarious, cool and masterful performance as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt will next be seen training Raptors and taking on a brand new hybrid Dinosaur in Jurassic World, and now it seems he is the front-runner to take over from Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones reboot.

Deadline reports that not only is Pratt the number one choice to play Dr Jones, but Steven Spielberg has said he would love to direct with Pratt as Indie, so long as the script is right.

Naturally this is all hearsay for now, because Pratt has not excepted the role, and Spielberg has not confirmed he will be directing, yet. Spielberg directed all the previous Indiana Jones films, with Harrison Ford playing the title role, but he has now made it known that he will happily return for the fifth film, so long as the script is up to scratch.

Spielberg has already championed Pratt by pushing to have him star in Jurassic World (which Spielberg produced), so the idea of this pair working together on a new Indiana Jones film is very exciting.

If anyone can fill the role so brilliantly portrayed by Ford it’s Pratt, and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this is how the new Indiana Jones film becomes a reality.

The script is currently being worked on, but the writers are not yet known, so there are zero details to reveal about the films plot. However, if both Spielberg and Pratt are involved, then I am definitely onboard.

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