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A group of people meet at the church hall to discuss their problems. A young woman is asked to share her story, so she tells the group her frightening, life-changing experience of life and death with a demon and his lethal game of roulette.

THE OUTER DARKNESS is the brand new web anthology of short films from the creators of the popular and highly successful Bloody Cuts series. They’re back with a bang with the first part of their new tale which hits it out of the ballpark once again.

Opening with a scene of a man sharing his drug abuse woes, the viewer assumes that this is an addicts meeting. However, when Jenny shares her story, we realise this is something completely different. As we lay eyes upon the sinister demon croupier, we sudden realise that this is no walk in the park. With the tense score and the creepy visuals, thanks to the amazing demon character make-up, you can feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck as you watch.

The performances from all the cast involved are terrific, especially those as the demons. Sinister in appearance, they spit their dialogue out with such menace that you daren’t argue or challenge them. I wouldn’t like to know the consequences of getting on the wrong side of these beasties.

Slickly edited and shot, just like the Bloody Cuts series, THE OUTER DARKNESS is pure professionalism, showcasing that Britain indeed has talent, especially in the horror genre. Ben Franklin, Anthony Melton, writer Joel Morgan and their team have so much original talent and ability, I just want to pin them down, drain it out of them and bottle it up because you’d make a fortune, but then we wouldn’t continue to be blessed by their genius. The story they’ve told in part one of THE OUTER DARKNESS is so captivating that you get lost in the world they’ve created and before you know it, almost 25 minutes has passed and you’re left wanting more.

With multiple members of the group in the film, I can only assume that each subsequent part of THE OUTER DARKNESS will be these people sharing their story with the overarching plot a driving force and motive of its own. Bloody Cuts fans will notice that the young man who arrived late to the meeting is none other than Vinny, the character from Bloody Cuts’ third short film, Prey. This tie-in will no doubt thrill fans, as it did me, leaving opportunities to expand that story and create a greater universe than possibly initially intended.

I eagerly look forward to the upcoming episodes to discover what other horrors the filmmaking team of THE OUTER DARKNESS have in store for us.

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