TORMENT (2013)

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TORMENT (2013)
Directed by Jordan Barker

Cory, his new wife Sarah, and Cory’s son Liam decide to stay at their second home in the woodlands for a vacation. Sarah tries her best to become part of Cory and Liam’s family but Liam struggles with having Sarah around due to the death of his mum and thinks that his dad is trying to replace her with Sarah. Upon arriving at the home, the family realise that someone has broken into the house and been sleeping inside, making quite a mess. With the local police putting it down to teenagers squatting, Cory thinks nothing more, that is until the family discover the squatters never left at all…

Horror movie TORMENT focuses on a struggling family who’s 7 year old kid is less than happy about his current relationship with his father (Robin Dunne). Forced to like it or lump it, little Liam (Peter DaCunha) is reluctant in accepting Sarah (Katharine Isabelle), despite her doing her very best to be a good step-mum. The broken family become fresh meat for the squatters in their vacation home, and when night draws in, they will give the little boy the family he requires.

TORMENT falls into the category of mindless slashers. Though there’s a supposed method behind the madness, it feels more like killing for killing’s sake with characters and villains you can’t really care about or fear. The group of stuffed-animal head wearing killers are so cliched it’s unfunny and their appearance is hardly threatening despite the fact they do some pretty nasty things to Cory and Sarah.

TORMENT is also a home invasion movie, with the killers intent on destroying the family from the inside. The action does leave the house into the woodland, but becase the film’s horror element takes place at night time, it’s very hard to see what is going on. Most of the film is in complete darkness and whilst a character is screaming about something theyv’e seen, I’m sat there puzzled because I can’t see anything other than the pitch black abyss. The lack of light and definition removes all elements of horror and suspense from the movie and leaves an empty shell with voices screaming at what appears to be nothing.

As far as horrors or slasher movies go, TORMENT is a weak attempt with a lack of tension during its most frightening scenes. A lacklustre script leaves a lot to be desired but the main downfall is the lack of light which hampers the performances of its stars and the film’s narrative.

Rating: ★★★½☆☆☆☆☆☆

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