Allstar Heroes (iOS/Android) – HCF Preview


Allstar Heroes is an RPG type mobile game which is coming to iOS and Android devices from Allstar Games and Lillith Games. So far it’s a neatly presented package, with the art style being rather vivid, colourful and quite cartoon-y. The gameplay makes for a strange combination of being quite frantic but also somewhat laid back. When your characters are battling on screen, they will be automatically fighting the enemies, but you need to keep an eye on each character’s gauges as once they are fully charged you get to unleash their special moves. Playing as the pirate Captain? No problem, just unleash a massive galleon on your foes, or playing elven archer Naeria, you get to rain down arrows on the bad guys. It’s somewhat similar to the turn based style we’ve grown accustomed to in JRPG’s only with a little less control over the characters actions. Throughout the campaign mode you play through several stages, each has three waves of enemies, with the last usually having a boss or a sub-boss to pit your skills against. You also collect items and build up your teams EXP. The items can be equipped to each of the different characters in your team, and if you equip enough items, you will be able to promote the characters rank and learn new attacks. The campaign mode is quite fun and stylish. The gameplay is very straight forward and doesn’t really involve a lot of thinking, but it looks great and the environments and enemies are quite varied, meaning your not staring at the same thing over and over, although some of the enemies do reappear in a different skin, and a bit tougher, too. It’s easy to pick up and play from where you left off the last time, and once you’ve started levelling up and getting further it does get quite addictive.


The other gameplay mode available in the preview was Arena. In the arena you pit your team against others playing Allstar Heroes and move up the rankings. You will reap plenty of rewards for defeating other teams, particularly gold, which is good to have when it comes to upgrading your characters skill set. The arena battles are pretty straight forward and it’s basically two teams enter, one team leaves, but it’s satisfying to see your team creeping up the leader board. The team you use in the Arena is the team you use in the campaign mode, meaning the more you level up and become powerful in the campaign, the more of a challenging opponent in the arena you become. Luckily though, if the shoe is on the other foot and you get your arse handed to you, it doesn’t affect your teams stats in the campaign mode. It’s shaping up to be a fun little fantasy game, and although you don’t have a great deal of control over the action, it’s a change in pace the usual RPG type game. As is the growing trend these days, you will need to be connected to the internet to play this game as it needs to connect to the games servers.

If you’re interested and would like a go at it yourself, the developers are looking for closed beta testers which is due to start 26/03/15. Those involved will also receive in-game rewards when the game officially launches.

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