Here we go again with another remake, though this one is of a film that is not well known unless you’re really into your old school Italian horror. Umberto Lenzi’s 1980 Nightmare City, one of the first films I can think of which has zombies that run rather than just shuffle about, was one of many films made in Italy inspired by Dawn Of The Dead, the best being, of course, Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters. Most of these films were trashy, to say the least, but fun trashy, and Lenzi’s gory effort is certainly entertaining and never dull. Releaased in the US as City Of The Walking Dead, it is now, according to, being remade, and its first poster is above.

The guy at the helm is legendary special effects genius Tom Savini. As well as, unsurprisingly, supervising the special effects, he will also direct a script from producer H.T. Parker, in which a mutated combined strain of leprosy and the Ebola virus spreads from Haiti to Miami. Sounds like a good timely twist on the original film. In fact, it sounds like they’re trying hard to appeal to horror fans with this film, considering that Lenzi himself is serving as associate producer, Dean Cundey, who shot John Carpenter classics like Halloween and The Thing, is in talks to do the cinematography, and the proposed cast will include some cast members from past horror and fantasy films. Noah Hathaway of The Neverending Story and Judith O’ Dea of the original Night Of The Living Dead are already attached.

According to the press release:

the new Nightmare City won’t be a simple horror movie or remake, it will be a movie with a social message, based on real-life events and threats, this will make the movie more intense and more terrifying. Parts of the profits will be donated to the Ebola response work of Doctors Without Borders and to The Leprosy Mission international.

 Nightmare City will be a fan-interactive production, with a crowd-funding initiative currently underway at Indiegogo, where the perks include merchandise [including a tie-in comic book], set visits, onscreen roles and more.

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