Drew Goddard will write and direct the ‘Spider-Man’ reboot for Marvel


It was recently announced that Sony had made a deal with Marvel to bring Spider-Man back to Marvel, and to have the character join Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man will first appear in Captain America: Civil War, before getting his first stand-alone film.

There was talk of this being possibly another origin story, and there has also been talk of the new Spider-Man not being about Peter Parker, but instead focusing on a black Spider-Man named Miles Morales. What we know for sure is that Spider-Man will be recast in the MCU, and a younger actor is being seeked out.

What we didn’t know, up until now, is what exactly is going on with Sony’s planned Sinister Six and Venom movies, and also who will be directing the new Spider-Man film. Latino Review, who are spot on with scoops, have revealed both.

It seems that Sinister Six and Venom, the films Sony planned to release alternatively with the now cancelled The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4, will not be happening. However, there are now plans for the Sinister Six to make their debut in the MCU in the first stand-alone Spider-Man film, and there are possible plans for a future Sinister Six movie with Marvel, Sony and Disney. Naturally there will probably be plans for a Venom film too.

Latino Review also reveal that Drew Goddard, the man due to direct Sinister Six and who has also worked on Marvel’s Daredevil TV series, will both write and direct the stand-alone Spider-Man film.

This makes perfect sense for Goddard already has ties with Marvel’s overseer of everything, Joss Whedon. The pair have worked together since their days with both Buffy and Angel, and later created the superb horror film The Cabin in the Woods.

LR reports that “Kevin Feige and the Marvel team will be producing the new series at Sony in what is envisioned as a three part series to come out over consecutive summers. There is talk about calling the series SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN after yet another Marvel comics series ala the last films being called “Amazing.”

Key things to look for in the new series:

  • No new origin story, Spidey exists from the beginning, taken as a given
  • New actor, probably an unknown, he will be specifically based in High School and they want him to be able to grow up into the role. The thought being if this works, Spidey can do multiple trilogies for years ala Harry Potter.
  • A major part of the first film will involve Spider- Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the “audition” to join the Avengers.
  • The first film will involved the Sinister Six coming together with the thought to later maybe spin them off.

More on this as it develops.

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