Eight Mercenaries Unveiled for MMORPG, ‘ATLANTICA’


Nexon Europe is thrilled to announce a new team of eight mercenaries, The Shadow Legion, will be joining smash-hit MMORPG,.

A widespread, but secretive outfit, The Shadow Legion are formed of beggars who live freely in the world. Anybody is welcome to join the Shadow as long as they give away all of their worldly possessions and remain loyal to the legion – as betrayal is seen as an unforgivable act. Once you have become a member, your past is forgotten, and you are free to begin a new life with the Shadow.

Recently, members of The Shadow Legion from across the globe have been vanishing without a trace. With no real clues to go on, the Shadow Leaders have no choice but step out from the darkness, sending an elite team of mercenaries to discover the truth before it is too late.

“Once again, the Atlantica team have delivered another awesome character update. The new additions are incredibly interesting” said Anett Jaschke, Product Manager at Nexon Europe. “The mysterious narrative surrounding the Shadow Legion is really quite special.”

The arrival of the latest update sees the big legion update come to a conclusion. All three legions, the Diabolists, the Shaolin and the Shadow are now available to join. Be sure to check out the new trailer video on YouTube where you can discover the colourful, combative characters, and decide for yourself which Legion you will align with.

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