First trailer for Ringu directors ‘Ghost Theatre’ will give you shivers


Japanese director Hideo Nakata (above) proved he was a master of horror with classics Ringu and Dark Water, and after dabbling in other genres, I found his return to horror (The Complex) to be disappointing.

However, the first teaser trailer for Ghost Theatre, his latest horror effort, looks vastly improved and back to his highly skilled early days of Ringu and Dark Water.

Nakata is revisiting his roots with Ghost Theatre, inspired by his 1996 horror Ghost Actress, made before he filmed The Ring franchise, which kicked off a worldwide interest in J-horror.

While Ghost Actress followed a vengeful spirit that drives a movie crew to insanity, Ghost Theatre is set in a haunted playhouse.

Not much is known about the plot, other than the story follows some actresses who find themselves the target of mysterious, unexplained accidents at a theater, that undoubtedly have some scary origins.




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