Is this the first image of Battle Cat from the new ‘He-Man’ movie?


No one knows exactly what state the new live action movie of He-Man is in right now, but the film has been in development for a number of years now.

The last we heard, and this was only in January, was that Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) had completed the script, and that there are indications he may direct after Jon M. Chu left the project early last year.

Apart from that we know zilch, but last night Columbia Pictures Senior Vice President DeVon Franklin Tweeted the above and below image of none other than Battle Cat, He-Mans trusted pet.

I am sure you’ll agree that the image is absolutely gorgeous, but no one knows if this is actual concept art, or fan made art pulled from the Internet to respond to a fan question. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is indeed concept art.

It is strange that such a high ranking person at Columbia would post such a picture, and still not remove it or clarify exactly what it is. What it has done though, is get fans very excited about what could be on the way from this new adaptation.

Franklin used the image in a Tweet conversation. A fan asked for an update on He-Man, to which Franklin responded:

“Will know more soon. New chairman at sony, gotta get in sync with the studio. As soon as I know I’ll report back”

This was then met with another question:

“If @Guardians can make 700 million plus at worldwide box office no reason #MastersOfTheUniverse can’t do same.”

Franklin then responded with the Tweet of the Battle Cat image:

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