New trailer for horror ‘Delirium’ builds tension


It was back in 2012 that the first teaser trailer for director Jared Black’s Delirium was unleashed, and now comes a second more sinister trailer that sets the tone nicely.

The film is prepping for its US release on DVD and VOD on 26th May, and while no dates have been announced for the UK, we thought we’d show you the trailer regardless. This looks to be a really impressive indie horror feature with bags of atmosphere, so check out the trailer below.

Jared Black writes and directs, and the cast includes Jolene Kay, Nathan Polzin, Jonathan Mandell, Taylor Pigeon, and Chris Gann.


Emily has mysteriously returned home to her mother, Rachel, and stepfather, Timothy, after being missing for over a year. There are no clues as to where she has been, and after extensive medical research, no one has been able to provide any answers to the mystery of the past year. Upon Emily’s return, her biological father, Barry, has decided to launch a custody war against Rachel and Timothy, threatening to take Emily away from Rachel again.

As the days go on, strange events begin occurring in the home. Something came back with Emily. Delirium explores the story of two parents faced with the ultimate double-edged sword, through 90 minutes of heart-pounding events and situations. Rachel and Timothy are presented with the choice of keeping Emily in a dangerous home or letting her father take her.




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