Paramount are planning a Transformers Cinematic Universe, with multiple sequels and spin-offs


Now here’s some disturbing news: Paramount are planning to create a Marvel style Transformers Cinematic Universe, with plans for multiple sequels and spin-offs which will all be connected, and Michael Bay will naturally be heavily involved.

I can’t think of anything worse, and while the first Transformers movie was good fun, they have gradually got worse, while making more and more money (Age of Extinction made $1.1 billion worldwide!). The idea of a collection of films much like what Marvel are doing, along with DC and LucasFilm makes sense for Paramount as the Transformers films, even though viciously attacked by critics, make a hell of a lot of money.

Deadline reports that Paramount plan to hire Akiva Goldsman (writer of A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend, I Robot, and producer of Lone Survivor, Jonah Hex, Hancock) to be a sort of showrunner for the project, with the likelihood that he will produce the films, and possibly write. It is thought he will be hiring writers to come together to work on these sequels and spin-offs, with a plan to have Transformers 5 written and ready to go into production soon, with a planned 2016 release date.

Taking a page from Fox’s incubation of three Avatar sequels and what Disney is doing to revive Star Wars with a sequels and spinoffs, the studio is negotiating with Akiva Goldsman to work with franchise director Michael Bay, exec producer Steven Spielberg and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura to organize a “writer’s room” that will incubate ideas for a potential multi-part Transformers sequel, and come up with potential spinoff films based on the billion-dollar franchise culled from the Hasbro toy line.

While Michael Bay said he was done with Transformers after The Dark of the Moon, he returned (after promising to hand over the baton to someone else) to direct Age of Extinction, and he then also said that Extinction would be his last film in the series. Again this appears to be nonsense.

Bay has opted to direct Benghazi siege drama 13 Hours as his next film, and as production begins on that, he has said that he wants Transformers 5 written and ready for him once he has completed work on 13 Hours. Whether this means Bay directing, or just producing Transformers 5 is unknown, but he certainly wants to be heavily involved. Bay has expressed an urgency to get the fifth film done, naturally so that this new franchise can really get started, and we might have to go through the pain of at least one Transformers movie a year!

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