Steven Spielberg to direct sci-fi phenomenon ‘Ready Player One’ for Warner Brothers


Steven Spielberg last worked with Warner Brothers fourteen years ago when he directed A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and before that it was Empire of the Sun (1987) and The Color Purple (1985). Spielberg will now return to Warners for what is said to be one of the biggest sci-fi projects of his career, and a potential game changer in the way we watch films.

Deadline reports that Spielberg will direct Ready Player One, an adaptation of Ernest Cline’s global phenomenon sci-fi novel that incorporates virtual reality.

Ernest Cline penned the popular sci-fi novel, an adaptation of which the studio has been trying to get off the ground for some time with everyone from Robert Zemeckis to Christopher Nolan showing interest at one time or another.

The novel, published in 2011, is set in a not-too-distant future where advanced Internet, gaming and virtual reality technologies have changed the world as we know it and led to the creation of the Oasis, a virtual reality universe that people live in and value more than the real world.

We are thrilled to welcome Steven back to Warner Bros,” said Greg Silverman, the Warner Brothers’ President of Creative Development and Worldwide Production. “We had an historic series of collaborations in the 1980s and 1990s and have wanted to bring him back for years.”

Spielberg and his films are actually mentioned in the 2011 book. “I also absorbed the complete filmographies of each of his favorite directors, “says the main character Wade Watts at one point as he’s studying the interests of digital utopia creator James Donovan Halliday. “Cameron, Gilliam, Jackson, Fincher, Kubrick, Lucas, Spielberg, Del Toro, Tarantino. And of course Kevin Smith.” There are also references to the Indiana Jones franchise, which Spielberg directed, and E.T. in the wide ranging cultural touchpoints of Ready Player One.

Deadline reports that the aim of the film is to make audiences believe they have landed in a real virtual reality world, and that the technology to really bring this to the big screen is just becoming available. Naturally it is being reported that if anyone can make this look good on screen, it’s Spielberg.

At Warners, we always have our eye on all the groundbreaking visual effects and technology available worldwide, and we feel very confidant with any new ground that Steven would want to tackle,” said Silverman. “He’s a master filmmaker, so we feel very comfortable with him. The story is the main thing, and whatever works best for audience enjoyment is what we’ll do.

Deadline report some really exciting background on the development of new virtual reality technology:

Virtual-reality technology is being developed around the nation. Down in Hollywood, FL, right now, that has gotten the attention of some big investors, including Google and Qualcomm. The company, Magic Leap, has promised to push cinematic reality by providing an experience beyond 3D; in fact, it is said to put 3D into the rearview mirror as far as technological advances because it fools the brain into believing that a 3D object is actually real. And it supposedly does it without making the viewers nauseated (key point).

Magic Leap has been designing virtual-world technology for some time and already is valued at $1 billion without even putting a product out. How so? Any potential investor it brings in goes apesh*t over what they see, though the company has kept most of what they are doing under wraps publicly.

Zak Penn (X-Men: The Last Stand, The Avengers) wrote the latest script after taking over the duties from Cline and Eric Eason (A Better Life). Interestingly, Penn and Cline worked together on the video game documentary Atari: Game Over and have said to be collaborating on the Ready Player One script extremely well for some time.

Here is how the story is described:

The book takes place in 2044 and follows the story of a virtual-reality game creator who offers up his entire company to the best player who can find an Easter egg in one of his many virtual worlds via a game called OASIS. A teenager named Wade Watts decides to take it on after millions have failed over many years. The key to winning the game is a plethora of pop culture clues from the 1980s. Whomever figures it out and wins the game — without having their avatars killed in the process — takes over the entire OASIS empire.

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