Tom Savini and Umberto Lenzi developing ‘Nightmare City’ remake, and you can be part of it


A remake of Umberto Lenzi’s classic Italian zombie horror, Nightmare City, is in development with Lenzi serving as producer, and horror legend Tom Savini directing and providing the special effects.

This is really exciting news, and an IndieGogo campaign as been set up to help fund the new film, so check it out if you are interested in getting involved.

Per the campaign:

The King Of Splatter & Gore TOM SAVINI will be Director and Special Effects & Make Up Supervisor. Together with the best creative talents from his FX school in Pittsburgh he will guarantee mind-blowing makeup and special effects and lots of gore and will give horror fans what they desperately demand and miss in current horror movies – impressing practical special effects and gallons of blood instead of cheap CGI effects.

The Italian Master of Horror – UMBERTO LENZI will be patron of this remake of his cult classic and an Associate Producer.

Oscar nominated DEAN CUNDEY, one of the world’s best cinematographers, who worked on many films of John Carpenter, is in talks to be Director of Photography.

Get ready for breathtaking suspense, blood drenched horror, impressive special effects and a great cast and crew which will make this remake an outstanding horror production and the most terrifying zombie movie ever!

NIGHTMARE CITY is NOT a traditional zombie movie – just like in 28 DAYS LATER, I AM LEGEND or THE LAST OF US it’s about infected people. It’s probably best described as a “28 HOURS LATER”.

NIGHTMARE CITY won’t be a simple horror movie or remake, it will be a thrilling movie with a social message, based on actual events and real threats and this will make this movie more intense and more terrifying. The movie will also be a tribute to the suspenseful horror classics of the 1970s and 1980s such as George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and DAWN OF THE DEAD, Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE, or John Carpenter’s THE FOG and ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13.


After the outbreak of an unknown virus in the Caribbean the Miami Port Authority receives an SOS from an international aid ship returning from Haiti. TV reporter Dean Miller and his cameraman Charlie are sent to the port where rescue teams are awaiting the arriving ship. At first the ship appears to be deserted, but suddenly the rescue teams are attacked by dozens of deformed people. Infected by a new hybrid of two of the most deadly viruses of our time – Ebola and leprosy; their faces and bodies are covered with welts and sores and they are hungry for blood.

Dean and his colleague witness a brutal massacre and return to the TV station to inform the public about the horrifying events, but the government and military prohibit the broadcasting of the news in order to avoid a panic. With the public in the dark, the virus and the number of infected people start to spread over the city, while Dean, his wife Anna and a small group are trying to escape from the ‘City Of The Walking Dead’…



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