Breaking! Alien 5 to become ‘Alien vs Godzilla’ as Blomkamp and Edwards team up for monster mash-up


The talk of Neill Blomkamp’s (District 9, Elysium, Chappie) new Alien film has been dominating the news over the past few months. There has been talk of him potentially erasing Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection, however Blomkamp then confirmed his film will take place after Aliens. There has also been talk of finishing Ripley’s story, and also rumours of Hicks (Michael Biehn) returning.

The concept art already released looks incredible, and Alien 5 was looking very promising indeed. However, Blomkamp has now changed his mind, and after extensive talks with Godzilla director Gareth Edwards this weekend, the pair have decided to bring their creative minds together in the ultimate monster movie mash-up.

Both directors have decided that they will create an Alien vs Godzilla movie, to replace the sequels they were both working on. This means that once Edwards is finished with the Star Wars spin-off, he and Blomkamp will work together, both writing and directing, on a film that pitches the mighty Godzilla against a giant Xenomorph. The film will replace Alien 5 and Godzilla 2, with the pair possibly making true sequels later on.

The idea, we have discovered, is that a mission in space falls foul of a Xenomorph attack (the details are a bit hazy right now), but the spacecraft returns to Earth with the Alien onboard. The journey has left the Xenomorph in a hibernate sleep, so when it arrives, scientists can easily drug the monster and lock it up ready for testing.

Angry at the mess Godzilla left the world in after Edwards’ first Godzilla film, the Japanese and US Government join forces to expose the Xenomorph to the same radiation as Godzilla, causing the Xenomorph to grow massive in size. However, before this the Xenomorph is trained in how to fight Godzilla (there are rumours Chris Pratt will play the trainer), and then the world can have its revenge on Godzilla and his destruction, by sending a Xenomorph to destroy him.

Naturally, with a new monster on Earth, it won’t take Godzilla long to track it down, ready for a face off of biblical proportions that will no doubt delight fans.

The film is expected to go into production sometime next year, with both Warner Brothers and Legendary once again teaming up to get behind the film. A release date has been penciled in for 1st April 2017.


That’s not all though, apparently the discussions went so far as to hint at the possibility of the Cloverfield monster (above) also appearing in the film, and the two directors are said to be working on a plan on how to make this possible. There has been talk of eggs being left behind after the last Cloverfield monster attack, and the talks have hinted that the Cloverfield monster could be a sort of end of level bad guy that the winner of Alien vs Godzilla has to face.

Basically, the world is about to be completely destroyed by these behemoths, so naturally the film is looking at a very large budget indeed.

Apart from the rumours of Chris Pratt being in the cast, nothing else has been discussed, but there has been talk of another director wanting in on the fun.


A source close to the project has said that none other than Guillermo del Toro will be having meetings with the two directors shortly, to discuss how he could bring his own Pacific Rim ideas to the table with plans for a potential “VS” franchise.

Again, details are sketchy, but the franchise potentials are endless.

SyFy are said to also be booked in for talks, and apparently they have plans to use a Sharknado in either the Blomkamp and Edwards films, or for something further down the line. These ideas are likely to be stopped, though, so SyFy are said to have a backup of something a little more realistic, and that their own heavy hitter, the Mega Shark, could possibly be a character in a future VS film, should the first film do well.

There might be more on this story later today…


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