Chris Columbus offers updates on new ‘Gremlins’ film, plus the ‘Goonies’ sequel


In an interview with Collider, Gremlins producer Chris Columbus offered an update not only on the new Gremlins film, but also the highly anticipated Goonies sequel.

When speaking about the Gremlins remake, Columbus revealed:

It is real. I am involved. When I finished Gremlins, and the first Gremlins was released, I was asked to write the sequel, and said there was no place else to go. Now this was before the pre-crazy-franchise-era of Hollywood where everything is a franchise. So obviously a long 30 years has passed, and I thought, “Okay, we can do this. We can actually find a way not to remake the first movie, but to take those characters and do something interesting.”

I realized, not from the Star Wars phase, but from J.J. [Abrams’] other movies, when he did Star Trek, he has a sense of taking that short of sense of nostalgia we all want and bringing it forward like he brought Leonard Nimoy into the first Star Trek. And that to me was why we connected to that and it was painfully obvious when we saw the Star Wars trailer recently that when you saw Han Solo and Chewbacca, we all had tears in our eyes, because we want that feeling again.

So I thought, okay, it’s cool. If we can pull it off—if we can create that feeling but deliver something new to the audience, then maybe we can do a really terrific Gremlins reboot”

Sounds very promising.

What doesn’t sound promising is the state of affairs with the Goonies sequel:

Goonies is a much tougher nut to crack for obvious reasons. It actually comes up about every five years. We’re in the thick of it now trying to figure it out. We are still searching, but we are searching very hard to try and make it work,” said Columbus. “But we’re not going to let anybody down. If we don’t feel it’s right—that’s between Donner, Spielberg, and myself—if we don’t feel it’s right, we’re not going to do it.”

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