Production begins on Paranormal Activity directors new horror ‘Nerve’


Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost are the directing team behind the excellent Paranormal Activity 3, the bad Paranormal Activity 4 and the chilling documentary Catfish. We’ve known for some time that their next film would be the horror feature Nerve, and now finally production has begun.

Last we heard, James Franco and Emma Roberts joined the cast, but it has now been confirmed that Nerve (under the working title Presto) has begun production in New York.

Nerve was first announced by Lionsgate over a year ago.

Jessica Sharzer has written the adaptation. Allison Shearmur is producing, as is Anthony Katagas.

The novel tells of a high school senior wallflower who, in an attempt to broaden her horizons, joins a global online game of provocative truth or dare while an audience of “watchers” vote and comment. But as she becomes a sensation and advances higher and higher, the game evolves and soon she finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Erik Feig, Jeyun Choi and Jessica Switch are overseeing for the studio. Stephen Meinen, vp at Allison Shearmur Productions, will also be overseeing the production.

Nerve will be directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, and the cast includes James Franco, Emma Roberts and Marc John Jeffries.


Good-girl Vee (Roberts) breaks out of her shell after plunging into an online game of truth-or-dare called “Nerve” with the sexy and mysterious Ian (Franco). However, Vee quickly finds the initial thrills turn dark as the stakes grow increasingly higher and the game turns personal – ultimately revealing just how far she will go to win ‘Nerve.



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