TV: Kathy Bates returns in ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’


I really enjoyed Kathy Bates’ character in American Horror Story: Coven, although I don’t feel she was used to her full advantage. However, I did not enjoy her Bearded Lady (above) in the dreadful Freak Show, but Bates as an actress is terrific.

Now even though American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has spoke of an all new cast in Hotel, already we have seen returning names like Chloe Sevigny, Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer announced, and Bates is the latest returning cast member to be announced.

Again no details have been released, and the only official word is the following Tweet by Murphy:

Wes Bentley, who first appeared on the series in Freak Show as Edward Mordrake, will also return as a series regular.

Matt Bomer, who played Andy in Freak Show, and Cheyenne Jackson (30 Rock) have joined the cast, although their characters have not been revealed. Chloe Sevigny is also returning. Lady Gaga has also cast in the series.

Jessica Lange will not be returning.

Series creator Ryan Murphy has promised to keep details on the next series secret for now, but he did drop hints that Freak Show offered some teases to the new season, most notably that a top hat on Maggie’s (Emma Roberts) coffee cup in Episode 4 was an “arcane” but “purposeful” clue.

Murphy has also revealed that all five seasons are in some way connected.

American Horror Story: Hotel will begin in October on FX.

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