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The thought of a Blade Runner sequel filled has filled me with horror for some time now, especially considering how badly Prometheus turned out, and seeing the original film on the big screen only confirmed my worries. It can’t be matched, so why bother? Then again, at least Ridley Scott, who is little more than a shadow of his old self [though Exodus: Gods And Kings was a step in the right direction], isn’t directing it, and the guy who is, Dennis Villeneuve, is certainly a strong talent. Prisoners and Enemy [which I only got around so seeing a couple of weeks ago!] were both hugely impressive and I’ve come around to thinking that – well, if someone has to do this sequel, then he’s probably one of the best choices.

ScreenDaily reports that, during an interview with John Hazelton in Screen and Telefilm Canada’s Cannes Special supplement due out in May, Villeneuve said a few words about this ambitious undertaking.

“Let’s say it wasn’t an easy decision to make, because I’m a massive Blade Runner fan, it’s one of my favourite movies. I was massively influenced, like a lot of people, by this movie. And Ridley Scott is a master. So I’m going there with a great amount of humility and a great amount of deep joy. And I know I can do it.”

I really like what he says here, he has a strong love and respect for the original but also sounds confident that he can deliver. He may have almost won me over! Of course it also helps that Hampton Fancher, co-writer of the original, is returning to co-script the sequel along with Michael Green, and that Harrison Ford, who had obviously mellowed considerably about Blade Runner [though I wonder if he’d turn it down if Scott was directing?], is returning as Rick Deckard and with him is the excellent Ryan Gosling. We don’t know any plot points yet, except that the story takes place several decades after the events in Scott’s 1982 original. At the moment it’s due to shoot during the summer of next year.

Meanwhile the busy Villeneuve has two other films coming up, Sicario, which is a thriller about an idealistic FBI agent who becomes entangled in a plot to eliminate a Mexican cartel boss starring Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin, which is due to premiere in Cannes in a couple of weeks, and Story Of Your Life, in which Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker star in a sci-fi thriller in which a linguist who must determine whether visiting aliens are friendly or hostile, and which Villeneuve describes as:

“A very powerful, beautiful and poetic story about language. It’s a philosophical tale about our language and our perception of, and relationship with, the world.”

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