A Nightmare on Elm Street Spot and Special Guests Confirmed For NOCTURNA FILM FESTIVAL in Madrid from 25th May 2015


Monday 25th May 2015 marks the start of the third NOCTURNA FILM FESTIVAL held in Madrid, Spain.

Director Sergio Morcillo (M is for Metamorphose) and producers by Javi and Kiko Prada (The Other Side Films) will be holding a commemorative tribute to A Nightmare On Elm Street to celebrate special guest attendee Robert Englund. The commemorative spot puts its viewers squarely in the world of nightmares created by Wes Craven and promises to entertain with its nostalgia. Behind this terrifying work is their regular collaborators, Roberto HG, in charge of sound and mixing, who has also recently been responsible for the audio and teaser trailer for Sweet Home, and Rafa Cassette, who’ll slip into the striped jumper of nightmare demon himself, Freddy Krueger.


Horns, the anticipated film by Alexandre Aja, is chosen for the inauguration of NOCTURNA FILM FESTIVAL 2015. That night, Alexandre Aja will collect the new festival award, NIGHT Visionary Award, which honours the career of young filmmakers.

Lamberto Bava will also be presenting the 30th anniversary screening of the mythical “Demons” at the festival.

Nocturna Film Festival will be held from 25th to May 31st, 2015. For more info, visit their website.

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