DREAM HOME To Receive Blu-Ray Release in UK on 25th May 2015


Combining visceral horror and darkly topical satire, Dream Home (18) stars Josie Ho (Naked Ambition) as the murderous Cheng, with Cantopop star Eason Chan (Lady Cop, Papa Crook), Michelle Ye (Vengeance) and Laurence Chou (Forest of Death). Uncompromising, stylish and filled with unexpected twists, Dream Home is released on Blu-ray on 25th May 2015, RRP £14.99.

As a child, Cheng Lai-Sheung could see Hong Kong’s famed Victoria Harbour from her apartment. However, as time passed, the old buildings in front of her home were demolished to make way for the huge residential project that now blocks her cherished view. Cheng vowed to save enough money for a new apartment with a magnificent sea view, and now works hard in two full-time jobs. Yet no matter how hard she toils, she cannot earn enough to match the ever-increasing value of Hong Kong’s real estate. With her father terminally ill and medical bills rising, she makes a fateful decision: she allows her father to die and cashes in his insurance.

Even this, however, is not enough. It seems Cheng’s dream home will remain forever out of reach. Then, suddenly, it dawns on her: to get what she wants, she must take matters into her own hands – even if that means getting them seriously bloody.

Special features:

Theatrical trailer
Josie Ho interview
Image gallery
Booklet by Billy Chainsaw

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