Anyone who has seen Enter The Void and Irreversible [hands down the best movie of 2002 for me and one of the greatest of the decade] will know that Gaspar Noe is a filmmaker who is willing to take huge risks, and this has to be admired even if you don’t like his stuff. His latest work Love premiered yesterday last night, and it sounds like it should be the explicitly sexy movie everyone should be talking about, not bloody Fifty Shades Of Grey, which I found amazingly timid.

The story of the film is told through flashbacks as Murphy [Karl Glusman] receives a phone call that his ex-girlfriend Electra [Aomi Muyock] is missing. He’s bored of his marriage to Omi [Klara Kristin], and the movie jumps back and forth in time as we see Murphy and Electra fall madly in love, and slowly drift apart. Murphy is still obsessed with Electra and can’t stop imagining the life they could have shared, if fate had been kinder to them. The film is apparently about how destructive the act of falling in love is, but it also features lots of what appears to be actual sex which is even more graphic than what Lars Von Trier put on screen in Nymphomaniac. If the reports are to be believed than you get to see full sex including shots of ejaculation, blow jobs, threesome, and an orgy….and all in 3D!

The Cannes audience, obviously a broad-minded lot, gave the film a standing ovation when it finishes at 3am. The film already has an American distributor, Alchemy, but will definitely get an NC-17 rating. It doesn’t have a UK distributor yet, and I have a feeling that the BBFC could insist on heavy cuts for the UK version or restrict the uncut version to just a couple of cinemas, though I doubt that’ll stop any of us on HCF from going to try to see it!

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