Hang on just a minute, the new ‘It’ adaptation is back on as it reverts back to Warners

Above Pennywise is looking at us as if he were in on a little joke about It, and that it had been cancelled, and that we all fell for it.

Just a couple of days ago It director Cary Fukunaga (True Detective) sadly left the project over supposedly creative differences, and budget issues after New Line took over the project from Warners.

Bloody Disgusting have now learnt that the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It has now moved back to Warners, and the project is back on again. Sadly Fukunaga is not said to be returning, and it is thought that there was a much deeper issue between him and the studio rather than merely creative differences.

BD claim that filming is expected to go ahead as planned a little later this year, with a new director being announced in the next few weeks. The two scripts that Fukunaga wrote will still be used, and as planned the film will be split into two parts: the first focusing on the central characters as kids, and the second as adults.

Will Poulter (The Maze Runner) was in talks to play Pennywise (above, played in the TV series by Tim Curry), but there is no update on whether Poulter is still in negotiations (he was Fukunaga’s choice).

For now, it appears the new It film is back on, so expect some official announcement shortly.

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