Latest update on ‘Friday the 13th’ confirms it will NOT be a sequel to Marcus Nispel’s 2009 remake


I think we kinda already knew this, but writer Nick Antosca (Hannibal) has now confirmed on Twitter that the new Friday the 13th movie will NOT be a sequel to Marcus Nispel’s dire 2009 remake.

“It’s not a sequel to the 2009 version,” said Antosca, continuing “Different characters, time period, style.”

Well it’s good to hear that confirmation, but just what approach will the makers be doing with this new Friday the 13th horror?

No one really knows yet, but all I want to know is just when the bloody hell with this film get started?

Nick Antosca (who has produced episodes for the Hannibal TV series) is now signed on the write the latest gruesome tale of Jason Vorhees. Antosca has previously written for Teen Wolf, Last Resort and Believe.

David Bruckner (The Signal, VHS) is directing, and the film is said to not just feature Jason Vorhees, but also his Mother. Reports have suggested that relationships between Jason and his Mother have become very problematic. It has also been confirmed that the film will be R-rated (naturally).

Michael Bay, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes are producing. The film is slated for a US release on 13th May 2016.

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