I enjoy the Transformers movies more than many others do [or admit to], but they definitely need some freshening up. I remain of the opinion, controversial though it might be, that Michael Bay is damn good at what he does, but I’d like to see a different filmmaker have a go at one of these films and Bay utilise his filmmaking skills elsewhere [which he may be doing, though he keeps going back on his word about these films]. Likewise, I’d like to see some new scriptwriting talent involved, the scripts really getting a bit stale, and it seems that my wishes may come true. Back in March, it was reported that there were plans to not just continue the series but also to create a whole Transformers cinematic universe. Even if you hate these films, they are immensely lucrative so I can see the sense in it. Akiva Goldsman was named as one person Paramount Pictures were enlisting to help do this.

Now, Variety reports that four other writers have been hired, as well as informing us that Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg will be on-board to produce the sequels and spin-offs that the new team is developing. The latter may hint that Bay will not be directing, though it doesn’t say he won’t be either! The new writers are:

Art Marcum and Matt Holloway [Iron Man, Punisher: War Zone, upcoming Highlander remake [God how I hated typing those last two words!]

Robert Kirkman [The Walking Dead]

Zak Penn [Elektra, X-Men: The Last Stand, Pacific Rim, helped develop the screenplays for X2 and The Avengers]

Jeff Pinkner [The Amazing Spiderman 2, TV shows Alias, Lost and Fringe]

To be honest only Kirkman really strikes me as a writer good enough to give the Robots In Disguise the artistic shot in the arm they need and skillfully expand their world, but we shall see.


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