Now you know what we are! Official trailer for ‘The Stranger’ produced by Eli Roth arrives


Horror maestro Eli Roth produces the new vampire shock fest, The Stranger, and after acquiring US rights a few months ago, IFC Midnight have released the first official trailer.

The Stranger is directed by Guillermo Amoedo, and has been produced by Eli Roth. The cast includes Luis Gnecco, Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, and Aaron Burns.


Guillermo Amoedo shows a deft ability to turn a bloodthirsty monster movie on its head into a slow-burn, character-driven film. THE STRANGER takes its time, building the tension through occasional flashbacks and having the audience sympathize with Peter, who grew up not knowing his father. Peter, like the audience, is kept largely in the dark about his father’s motives or even what he is… because he’s certainly not human. What is apparent is the chaos his dad’s return has on the small town, especially a member of the police force and his violence-prone son.

THE STRANGER is ultimately about family, the legacy we pass on to our children and the lengths we go to protect and ensure their survival, no matter how dark and deadly they might become.




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