Sequel in the works for James Cullen Bressacks ‘To Jennifer’ but it won’t be a simple sequel


James Cullen Bressack’s critically acclaimed indie horror, To Jennifer (review) is getting a sequel. Titled 2 Jennifer, details are a bit sketchy right now, but the Horror Society had some updates to share.

It seems that Bressack will not be returning to direct, but instead will produce the sequel, which will be directed by up and coming writer/director Hunter Johnson.

Bressack will also still appear as an actor in the film, although his character in To Jennifer will differentiate from the one in 2 Jennifer as he will be playing himself. Jarrett Furst will return as well, also playing himself, alongside Charles Chudabala, Matt Holbrook, Josh Brown, David Coupe and Johnson.

2 Jennifer will not be a traditional straight sequel either, and instead will go down the “film within a film” route.

Here are the plot details:

Two filmmakers attempt to make the perfect sequel to “To Jennifer,” however a dark secret threatens the lives of everyone involved. Jennifer, a beautiful actress, now has two options: become the heroine of the film, or face a brutal death.

2 Jennifer is currently in pre-production.

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