Trailer for Giallo influenced horror ‘The Transparent Woman’ is a slow burning affair


The spirit of the Giallo continues to live on as every now and then we have the exciting news of another film to join the genre, and tonight we have a trailer for The Transparent Woman, the latest film to be added to the list of classic Giallo’s.

Set to have its world premiere at Cannes, the latest trailer for The Transparent Woman is a slow burner, with lots of beautiful primary colours, some dodgy acting, sinister music and some great calculated imagery.

M International Films (Phantasmagoria, The Lake, L’amour à la plage) unveils the first international trailer of its giallo film « The Transparent Woman », directed by the Italian filmmaker Domiziano Cristopharo starring the Italian erotic and pornographic actress Roberta Gemma and Arian Levanael (Hunt Angels, Poe 3 : Pieces of Eldritch).

Synopsis : Anna is a beautiful,fiercely independent blind woman. Due to financial problems her husband Carl has to sell the apartment they lived in. They move in an old house in a remote location surrounded by fields. Anna is not happy there and feels even more isolated as she is most of the time all alone… but eery noises and strange facts lead her to think that someone is in the house too… or “something”.

With its typical Italian atmosphere and vintage photography, The Transparent Woman evokes the spirit of cult films directed by Mario Bava, Pupi Avati, Dario Argento or Sergio Martino. The movie is written by Andrea Cavaletto (Alerta: Recuento de cadáveres, Hidden in the Woods, Beautiful People). The music score is composed by Giovanna Nocetti, Salvatore Sangiovanni and Paolo Limiti.




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