Wildseed Studios Confirm Sequel To HUNGERFORD Currently in Production


Described by The London Evening Standard as “Reminiscent of The Blair Witch Project with more than a little of the black comedy of Shaun of the Dead that won’t leave horror fans hungry” Wildseed Studios, the next-generation entertainment company that nurtures, mentors and finances new talent, has confirmed that a sequel to Hungerford, the 2014 critically acclaimed British sci-fi horror film, is currently in production and due for release in Q4 2015 – with news that a key character dies but Wildseed Studios is keeping the name under wraps.

Available to download for the first time on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes, Hungerford paints a visceral portrait of a group of teenagers whose small English town is taken over by aliens that descends into apocalyptic violence and carnage.

Wildseed Studios is keeping details of Hungerford 2 under wraps but has released an exclusive image from the film that shows the film’s director and star Drew Casson alongside fellow actor and YouTube star Bethan Leadley in a rare moment of contemplation amidst the alien and zombie carnage.

Creative Director and co-writer, Jesse Cleverly, said of the next instalment; “With Hungerford 2 we have built on the award-winning foundation established in the first film and added a host of new elements to crank things up a notch. In this film, the survivors are joined on their post-apocalyptic road trip by a number of new film debutants, who also happen to be YouTube veterans with 1.5 million subscribers to their channels. We are convinced that the resulting dynamic will introduce the horror/sci-fi genre to a whole new audience – which can only be a good thing for everyone.”

In 2014, Hungerford was crowned Best Sci-Fi Horror at the Berlin International Film Festival and made the Official Selection at Sci-Fi London and Shriekfest. The film’s director, Drew Casson, was 19 at the time of release and became the youngest person to ever have a feature screened in BFI’s history.

Hungerford’s protagonist Cowen Rosewell lives with friends in a small English town. With few job prospects Cowen enrols on a media course with his first assignment to record everything in a week of his life. At first Cowen dismisses the random acts of violence he witnesses as ‘business as usual’ in a small English town. However, when Cowen inadvertently kills an assailant, whilst defending one of his friends, the inexplicably serious nature of the injury alerts them to a more disturbing reality. As events escalate, Cowen and his friends discover the town has come under a mysterious evil force which has implications not just for Cowen, but the entire world.

“Hungerford is an impressively ambitious film; equal parts zombie flick, sci-fi shocker, black comedy, and apocalyptic disaster movie with a huge amount of heart and passion” said UK Horror Scene, whilst Sci-Fi Heaven claimed “There is a sinister, ethereal sense of terror that settles upon you as you watch Hungerford.”

Jesse Cleverly, Hungerford’s producer and Wildseed Studios co-founder said: “Hungerford 2 is typical of the next-generation of films we’re investing in – those whose directors operate outside the institutions of the British film industry, and who are utterly fearless and highly proficient with the tools of production and post-production in the pursuit of excitement, scale and massive audiences. Hungerford 2 will not disappoint fans.”

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