Bob Weinstein confirms there will be no Scream 5


So if all Scream fans were thinking that the MTV Scream series was going to rejuvenate the film series, you are sadly mistaken.

While fans have been crying out for a new Scream film, I think deep down we all knew it would never happen, and now one half of the Weinstein’s, Bob, has confirmed that there are no plans for a fifth Scream film, and that Ghostface can now live on in TV form, should the new series be a success.

In an interview with WSJ, Weinstein said “there won’t be any more “Scream” movies, and that MTV is the right place for the property to find its next life. It’s like putting an art-house movie in an art-house theater—where the teens reside is MTV.”

“The trick for a slasher story to sustain the long pace of a TV series”, he adds, “is by layering the whodunit mystery with more characters and subplots”

I agree with that, and if anyone has seen the superb horror TV series Harper’s Island, I am sure they’ll agree that the slasher genre can work just fine as a TV series.

Scream, based on what I have seen so far, does not look as great as I was hoping it would. However, its early days, and the series kicks off in a few days, so who knows, it might turn out OK?

As for no Scream 5, personally I felt that Scream had its day, and ran its course, and horror has plenty of other tricks up its sleeve. Lets leave Scream, the movie series, alone as it worked fine with just the four films (which steadily got worse).

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