CONFIRMED: All new 24 on its way…….New Lead Star with Jack Bauer only being a “Guest Star!”



OK! 24 Fans here we go!

Its been confirmed that an all new series of 24 is being planned, but there are going to be some huge changes.

For a start its going to be a Spin Off, maybe a show that will have 24 in its title followed by a sub title….a bit like 24: Live Another Day!

Franchise writers franchise veterans Manny Coto and Evan Katz are currently behind the plans but anyone hoping for a resolution of Jack Bauer now spending his days in a Russian Prison are going to be shocked.

The all new day will see a brand new Male lead being paired with an older female agent for a brand new caper, which looks like being planned as a mini series with hopes of further adventures.

As for Jack Bauer, well he will turn up which is the plan so far, but only in a guest role which means a few episodes and then zilch!

Fans will no doubt sigh at this development.  The general opinion from those who have stuck with the show since the early days are in agreement that Jack should get a final day to bring closure to the nightmare he is in.  While I personally agree and excited with the notion of a whole new few hours with a brand new cast and no baggage of old to tie the story down, having Jack in just a guest role will haunt the entire day, because fans want to see Kiefer Sutherland doing what he does best and not some imposter saving the day.

I hope being a huge 24 fan that the plans here make sense, because even if Jack does make a guest appearance,  then that means he is already back in his own country, as I very much doubt the show be set in Russia-unless he is seen in his prison cell, which adds even more speculation because how would that tie to the new story……..

My head hurts……

This is just breaking news so we let you know more when we get it……

Ross Hughes

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