We’ve already had two films called Rampage, and now there’s going to be another. Deadline reports that Dwayne Johnson is reuniting with the producer of his daft but highly entertaining disaster picture San Andreas for a film that will be based on the old video game of the title, about three beasts – a gorilla, a lion, and a wolf – who were originally humans who were experimented on by evil scientists, who wreak havoc on major US cities, including a set of iconic landmarks. Now I dont’t know anything about the game but I’m assuming that the animals are going to be huge or have special powers or something, otherwise the film doesn’t sound especially exciting does it?! This is the synopsis of the game from IMDB:

The characters you play were once ordinary people until they were mutated into the game’s monsters: George, the giant ape; Lizzie, the giant lizard; and Ralph, the giant wolf. George was mutated after swallowing mega-vitamins, Lizzie was mutated after bathing in a radioactive lake, and Ralph was mutated after eating sausage scam. The mutants’ goal is to destroy every city which they come upon. The game has 768 days of destruction and some of them are alike. The players move from city to city destroying skyscrapers and various vehicles and eating people that get in the way. Health is awarded at startup and during the game by putting quarters in. Health is decreased by being shot by National Guardsmen, being hit by another monster, falling, being hit by cops or tanks, going underwater, being struck by lightning, or by eating something bad, like dynamite. Health is replenished by eating food found in the buildings. Once all buildings in a city have been destroyed, the monsters move onto ….

The film is set to start production next summer. The script will come from Ryan Engle, who wrote the Liam Neeson airborne thriller Non-Stop. The project is still seeking a director. Johnson has had a great year so far with the huge commercial success of Fast And Furious 7 and his biggest solo hit San Andreas. It was recently announced that he is in talks to star in the remake of Big Trouble In Little China [boo!], but he will next be seen opposite Kevin Hart in the espionage comedy [haven’t we had enough of them of late?] Central Intelligence.

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