It probably comes as no surprise, considering that the previous two film in the franchise also had extended versions come out on Blu-ray, that Fast and Furious 7 will also be getting a prolonged version for home viewing. MovieCensorship.com reports that a German website found this information in the retailer bulletin for the Blu-ray release. If the preceeding two extended cuts are anything to go by, the extensions won’t be much and will chiefly consist of extra action footage and certain shots changed or cut to secure the ‘PG-13’ rating.

More interesting is the news that director of the Poltergeist remake Gil Kenan told Collider.com that the Blu-rat release will feature an Extended Cut that will restore 7-8 minutes back into the film. He said that he’s happy with the cinema version, but is keen to put back in some scenes that were cut for pacing, some of it featuring the family. I actually didn’t mind this remake too much [though it can’t touch the original], but I feel that we didn’t get to know the family enough and that the film was a bit too preoccupied with rushing to the next jump scare. Perhaps this Extended Cut will be better, and maybe should have been the version that hit cinemas?

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