Gregg Bishop says “I like you” and will direct feature length version of VHS segment titled ‘Siren’


The first VHS found footage horror anthology was hit and miss, but ask anyone and they can’t deny that David Bruckner’s opener, Amateur Night, was one of the highlights.

It has now been confirmed that a feature length horror film based on Amateur Night is on the way!

Titled Sirens, the film will be directed by Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead, The Other Side, VHS-Viral).

The script for the film has been written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski. Siren is executive produced by David Bruckner and Brad Miska and produced by Gary Binkow for Collective Digital Studios.

The original VHS segment saw three guys head to a bar, and one of them picks up a strange girl who only has the capacity to say “I like you”. It’s freaky stuff, but what happens back at the motel room is super scary.

This segment has great grounds for a feature length film, and while no cast have been announced, surely they HAVE to get THAT girl back to say “I like you”.

(Source: AICN)

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