‘It Came From the Desert’ proof of concept video features giant ants on the attack!


Based on the video game of the same name, the movie adaptation of It Came From the Desert sold to many territories at Cannes, and production will begin later this year on bringing the creature feature to life.

The producers have released the below proof of concept video, to give eager fans a taste of what’s to come. Please remember that the two minute video is not from the actual film, but is to showcase the makers skills and ideas, and gives a good indication of how the final product may look, and it looks great!

Legendary game developer Cinemaware is proud to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Roger! Pictures for the development of a motion picture based on the company’s cult-classic game It Came From the Desert.

It Came From the Desert is an action-adventure game developed by Cinemaware and released in 1989 for the Amiga and later ported to various other platforms. Set in June of 1951, the game follows Greg Bradley, a geologist living in the remote town of Lizard Breath in the United States. After a meteorite falls in the outskirts of town, a large army of mutant-ants begins appearing across town, and the player is the only one who can stop it. The game’s incredible success among gamers has created a cult following that continues to this day, 25 years after the original release.

Dr. Wells, spokesperson for Cinemaware, had this to say: “After cleaning Lizard Breath of ants many years ago, it’s great to see that a film inspired by the events that transpired in our little town will tell our story to the wide world out there. Maybe this film will ensure our government pays more attention to what goes on here.”

“We grew up in the 80s playing video games like It Came From the Desert. Cinemaware’s story-driven titles have a lot of potential to be expanded into film and other media. Through this partnership with Cinemaware, we can bring this fascinating story up to date and present a thrilling and enjoyable cinematic experience featuring the giant ants to both new and old Desert fans,” Teemu Virta, spokesperson for Roger! Pictures, commented.




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  1. Er… Has any fan of the game been involved at all? Or, at least, anyone who had played it for 10 minutes? Of course, it’s only a proof of concept trailer, but the charm of the original game resides in its great blend of 50’s atmosphere with nods to B-series films and pulp (and not so pulp) books, and a healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, of which I see none in the video (no buxom hospital nurses either! 😉 ). And those bikes in the poster just finished off any hopes I might have left 😥

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