Relativity selling off ‘The Crow’ reboot? Is it time to just give up on this project?


It can’t rain all the time, says Eric Draven, but there certainly seems to be a continuous dark cloud hanging over The Crow reboot.

The Crow writer James O’Barr is desperate to see a new adaptation of his comic book made, but things just can’t seem to get going.  The film has lost a number of directors, and a few cast members over the years too. Recently Luke Evans pulled out of the role of Eric Draven, after a very long time attached, he said he couldn’t wait anymore as he had other projects to commit to.

Current director Corin Hardy joined the project last year, taking over from previous director F. Javier Gutierrez, but how long will he stick around for?

The most recent loss was Jack Huston, who pulled out last week after a few months attached as Evans’ replacement. The film also went through a bitter rights feud with the Weinsteins a couple of years ago which was costly.

Basically, the film seems to have bad luck attached, and nothing ever seems to get going, and now it has possibly hit another problem as Relativity may have to sell off the rights due to financial difficulties.

Variety reported the news:

Embattled Relativity Studios is considering selling off domestic distribution rights to its movie projects “The Crow” and “Hunter Killer” to STX Entertainment, Variety has learned.

The discussion comes as Relativity is scrambling to come up with the roughly $150 million it needs to repay its lenders in the next 10 days. The money was originally due on May 31, but Relativity worked out a 30-day extension with its lenders. It owes roughly $350 million to a consortium of investors that includes Colbeck Capital.

If Relativity fails to raise the money to pay the debt and does not get granted another extension, founder Ryan Kavanaugh could lose control of his company.

Relativity has retained FTI Consulting on behalf of its lenders to monitor operations until the debt situation is resolved. A source close to the company said that FTI is only involved in an advisory capacity and does not control any spending decisions.

Meanwhile, if Relativity were to strike a partnership deal with STX on “The Crow” and “Hunter Killer,” the start-up studio would oversee production and domestic distribution of the two films, leaving foreign rights with Relativity.

We frequently have other studios approach us about partnering on some of our films which we have done several times in the past,” said Relativity president Tucker Tooley. “STX has recently approached us. Relativity Studios has no interest in selling ‘The Crow’ or ‘Hunter Killer’ outright and no deal has been reached.”

It’s not 100% that Relativity will sell the rights, however, this might actually be a good thing (for those who want this new adaptation) as another studio might actually be able to get the darn thing moving.

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